Hi, my name is Kev.

Thank you for visiting my site.

I am a PhD student in Social Personality Psychology program at York University, working with Dr. Kerry Kawakami.


I completed my Honours BSc in Psychology (Specialist) at University of Toronto, St. George in 2018, and MSc in Psychology (Cognitive Neuroscience branch) at Queen's University in 2020.

I play with qualitative method, eye-tracking, and neuroimaging to investigate tendencies and motivations underneath intergroup perception. 

I enjoy semi-realism books, novels, and movies. Under the influence of Dr. Jordan B Peterson, I am also a fan of Jungian literatures. Before the pandemic, I travel to United Kingdom or Japan for authentic food and cultural experiences every year.

Now, you are very likely to find me in a good, small, and cozy restaurant in Toronto.